How To Blog for Residual Income

Blogging is a time-tested proven way to generate a residual stream of highly targeted leads to your business.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, by putting in the effort to create a blog you can attract the ideal people whether you are a plumber in a local market, a Fortune 500 company or you are a networker.

What is Possible by Blogging?

In almost every niche there is an example of a business who has invested the time in creating content on a blog that generates a steady stream of business.

imagine having people come to you rather than you trying to chase them down.

This is the power of attraction marketing.

Leads can become a residual stream in and of itself.

Successful blog owners know that they can count on a certain number of traffic hits and leads generated daily without fail.

Incoming business that can be counted on without any extra effort is the definition of residual.

It gets even better when your business model itself is residual.

If you have ever experienced the power of having a residual income, then you will likely stop at nothing to continually grow this income.

Having a strong residual income means time freedom.

Blogging for Residual Income

While blogging can work for any business, we recommend using your blog to build a strong residual income. Most businesses are not residual. In order for them to turn a profit each day they have to make new sales. We no longer build any business unless it leads to a residual income.

Networkers who are involved or have been involved in companies in the past understand the power of this.

Building your organization to the point where you get a decent residual check is where most people fail.

Most people simply do not have the fortitude and work ethic to take enough action in order to build this type of income.

There is no such thing as get-rich-quick.

However, we have consistently seen many people build a strong residual check within months.

While it is possible to build a large check that any company, it is important to find a company that you can be passionate about.

We are currently working with top producers in several companies. If you  want to discuss what we think are the best opportunities, please contact us.

If you are already having success in your company and want to take it to the next level  we would also love to talk to you.

The Formula

The formula is simple, consistently create valuable content that attracts your ideal prospect.

Over time your blog posts will get more and more traffic.

As your traffic increases you simply offer more value in exchange for their email address.

It may take a while when you first get started, but there are ways to accelerate the growth of your blog.

More on this below…

Blogging for Networkers

Most people fail when networking for a particular company because they run out of friends and family willing to try buy their product.

If you take the time to create a blog  that educates and helps people understand the value of what you are offering, you can have a steady stream of people ready, willing, and able to do business with you.

What to write about

Write simple blog posts that highlight the value of what you’re offering. If you are in a nutritional business, write a blog post about each ingredient and how that ingredient helps people get a result.

The goal is to create content that people get value from. If you put enough value out into the world, it will come back to you tenfold.

Make the blog personally branded or niche branded

Gone are the days that people stay in one business for their adult lifetime.

Things change.

Often these things are totally out of your control.

It is my advice that your blog be personally branded or all about a certain topic.

This gives you the flexibility to switch the business you are promoting easily.

It also keeps you off of the compliance department’s radar.

What You’ll Need

Domain Name – Godaddy or uniregistry (my favorite)

WordPress Blog – See below

Lead Capture Forms on Blog – Many ways todo.  I prefer Thrive Leads

Autoresponder Service – aweber, getresponse, constant contact.  They all do the job fine. For heavy duty online marketing – I recently switched from Infusionsoft to Ontraport Enterprise.

Good Converting Website for when people are ready to buy. For networkers, this is why we recommend you create your own funnel page for your company.   Dropping people onto the corporate provided replicated site homepage is the best way to absolutely ensure you do not get results. We prefer to create a good funnel that links directly to the checkout page on the replicated site. (if possible). If this is not possible we would link directly to the product page. Replicated sites notorious for confusing people.


Takes time

If you start a blog today, it is likely not going to get traction for at least a few months if you do not do some basic promotion.

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to every new blog post is to post to a Facebook page and run an ad that targets people that would be interested.

You can start very small for only a few dollars per blog post and then scale up as your blog begins to get traction.


Most people will not begin blogging because they get stuck in the creation phase.  Unless you are very technical and  Internet savvy you should outsource this.

Do not get stuck trying to build this yourself. You will likely just get frustrated and quit before you even begin.

Fortunately  there are people that can create your blog for you within minutes.

We are a big fan of hiring people on upwork.

The process is simple. Post your job and you will have dozens of people ready to get your blog going ASAP.

Personally, I would not pay more than $100 to get this done.


Many people will not follow through even if the blog is set up because the blog does not look perfect in their eyes.

Some of the most impactful blogs on the Internet are the ugliest.


Most people will need to have a course and a blueprint to follow.

Although we have created multiple blogs and sales funnels for many different companies, we have never created an in-depth course and system.

There is a course already available that we would highly recommend. There is also an accompanying blogging Association membership that is awesome that will keep you on track.

If you are interested in getting access to this, comment on our Facebook Post Here.

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