Le-Vel Thrive: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Le-vel Thrive Review: An Interactive Experience

Le-vel Thrive Review

Our initial review of Le-Vel Thrive. We plan to update this on an ongoing basis.

Insane Growth...

2017 –  Thrive hits $1 Billion in lifetime orders in less than 5 years.

2018 – Nearly $2 Billion in sales

This growth curve is almost unheard of in the industry.  Clearly they are doing something right to be putting up numbers like this.

In our experience, companies don’t grow like this without having all the right elements: 

1. An awesome Product

2. A simple replicate-able system

3. Strong Leadership behind the helm

If a new company is missing any of these crucial elements they can surely grow, but not at a rate like this.


“As incredible as 2017 was, we were confident that 2018 would be even more successful, and by every measure, it has been just that. Over the last 12 months, we’ve raised the bar even higher on the technology and innovation behind each one of our products — and on the rewards we deliver to Promoters. 

Six years in, and we’re thrilled to have 8 million Customers and Promoters throughout six countries and be on the verge of $2 billion in sales. And we’re nowhere near finished. The best is truly yet to come.”

The Main Product: Thrive

1 simple system and 3 products that caused a billion dollar movement

Simple Straight Forward Videos (Not Too Hyped)
Watch These Videos....

Conversation Starter Secret

You wear that patch on your arm and I guarantee people are going to ask what it is.

It’s genius.  The hardest part of direct sales is starting a conversation without being pushy.

This way people are approaching you all day long out if simple curiosity.

Simplicity is Key

Easy to consume and do.  The 3 steps only take a couple minutes each morning.  

Products that Work...

People “feel” the product working and have been posting amazing health improvements. 
(Some Examples Below)

The Bad and Ugly...

Le-Vel has plenty of naysayers that have openly criticized the company claiming that their products are not only a waste of money but potentially harmful.

A short google search will find plenty of reasons to be wary… if that is what you are looking for…


What We Think

You don’t do nearly $2 Billion in sales with a harmful product.

Criticism comes with the territory.


Some Reviews from Their Website....

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of specific results and results may vary.

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