NewULife Somaderm Review

Is This Hollywood's Secret Fountain of Youth?

Hollywood stars even studio executives, producers and directors who remain behind the scene have been early adapters of Human growth and other new youth enhancing protocols. 

Thanks to the industry that relies on good looks, the pressure always mounts on everyone to look their best. Experts are of the firm opinion that any celebrity above the age of 50 with a chiseled physique is on Human growth and HRT and possibly more age defying systems.

The sly Sylvester Stallone openly admitted the use of human growth back in the days of Rocky II and Rambo, and it won’t be a surprise if someone finds plenty of vials in his locker even now, as he still maintains a set of killer abs.

The list of A-listed celebs doesn’t stop here, the likes of Will Smith, Demi Moore, Cher and Mark Wahlberg all are most likely users of this fountain of youth, human growth. 

The Rock Dwayne Johnson seems to get bigger, better and less wrinkly with each passing year. The wrestler turned highest grossing actor in Hollywood is no stranger to the use of human growth and has improved his looks dramatically.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, with over 10,000 health professional-members from more than 70 countries worldwide states…

that the decreased production of human growth in the body is a primary cause of aging.

“By replenishing your supply of human growth, you can recover your vigor, health, looks and sexuality.

For the first time in human history, we can intervene in the aging process, restore many aspects of youth, resist disease, substantially improve the quality of life, and perhaps extend the life span itself.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, is a physician, medical scientist, futurist, and innovator.

He coined the term “anti-aging medicine” and is recognized as a leading authority in the new clinical science of anti-aging medicine. Dr. Klatz is the physician founder and President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

The The Somaderm Origin Story - Founder Alex Goldstein

 the following video you will hear the founder discuss how somaderm has developed over the past 10 years. If you are at all interested in this company or product it is worth a listen so that you know the background of this interesting company.


The ONLY transdermal, FDA registered product, containing Homeopathic human growth.

NDC #61877-0005-1

Why We Age - Somaderm Video

Expected Benefits

In clinical human studies, continued use of human growth has been shown to offer incredible results. Many have noticed subtle to significant results in as little as a 6 month period. Here is what you may experience from SOMADERM Gel*

*Disclaimer -*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Month 1

Improved Stamina*
Increased Energy*
Improved Sleep*
Vivid Dreams*

Month 2

Improved Muscle Definition*
Heightened Libido*
Healthier Skin*
Increased Strength*
Weight Loss*
Improved Vision*

Month 3

Benefits from Months 1 & 2 are Heightened*
Enhanced Focus*
Enhanced Muscled Mass*
PMS Symptoms Reduced*
Greater Flexibility*
Healthier Nails*
Improved Joint Mobility*
Increase in Sexual Desire*
Alleviation in Some Menopausal Symptoms*

Month 4

Benefits from months 1,2, and 3 are not only heightened but are also more consistent*

Please understand that although results may seem to vanish, your body may still utilize it for tissue repair. Tests indicate that the benefits resume with continued use*

Month 5

Significant Weight Loss*
Greater Improvements in Skin Texture & Appearance*
Skin has Greater Elasticity*
Reduction of The Appearance of Wrinkles*
Hair becomes Even Healthier & Thicker*

Month 6

Benefits from Previous Months are Heightened Even More Cellulite Greatly Diminishes* Improved Immune System* Pain & General Soreness Diminishes* Wounds Heal Quicker* Greater Metabolic Output* Grayed Hair Begins to Return to Natural Color* Blood Pressure Normalizes* Heart Rate Improves*

Is Somaderm Right for You?

Yes and No

We are huge fans of this product and personally use it. As self proclaimed bio-hackers we definitely see the value of supplementing with a product like this if you are over the age of 35.


It is our strong opinion that you should have a core nutrition plan in place with a high quality supplement regimen before you look at a product like this.

This type of product is definitely on the fringes and really should only be added to your regimen once you have some foundational things in place.

For men  over the age of 35 we feel that after your core nutrition  supplementation plan, you should make sure you have your “test” in order.

For men over the age of 35 having healthy levels of “test” and core nutritional supplementation is the foundation.

Then, and only then would we recommend adding somaderm.

However, this product seems to be delivering on its promises in spades.

We like the fact that this product has been used safely for over 10 years mostly by athletes who have been taking 2X-10X  the recommended dose.

This is not a “quick” product

Despite what you may hear in the private fb Groups, it really takes a while to see the benefits.

The downside to this product is that it truly will take a few months to see the maximum benefit.

In a world of instant gratification many people may give up after only one month.

We noticed a dramatic increase in sleep quality after about day three or four.

Vivid, intense dreams  with deep sleep. It is hard to explain this sensation, but most people experience this even after only a few days on the product.

Microdosing is Trending...

 When we first heard of this product could not believe that they got FDA registered.

Upon further investigation of the formula, we see now how this is possible.

The product is 30X diluted.

Upon learning this we thought that there is no way people would see benefits.

We soon discovered that because of the trans dermal delivery method, not only is it much safer, but seems to be metabolized in the body and is much more efficient way, making it  more potent than you would think.

The Market = Everone Over Age 35!

 the market for this type of product is just insane.

If one thing has been proven, it’s that people will spend a ridiculous amount of money for anti-aging products.

From skin creams to supplements to surgical procedures, billions of dollars are spent each year in an effort to fight the effects of aging.

This product is unique because it actually works from the inside out.

If you believe the expected benefits listed above, it has the ability to replace entire categories of products.

In our opinion, this is one of the most revolutionary, credible products to enter the direct sales history in a long time.

You can be sure that we are not missing the boat on this one.

We already have funnels and marketing in place.

If you’re interested in this company contact us or there should be a call to action somewhere on this page.

Regular visitors know that we specialize in creating high-quality, high-converting website funnels for just about any industry.

Human Growth Supplements = Crap

We go over how useless so-called human growth supplements are.  Adding this content soon…

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