How To Get Automated Leads and Sales for Your Business with ChatBots and Simple Ads​

How To Get Automated Leads and Sales for Your Business with ChatBots and Simple Ads

How Bots are Boosting our Funnels in a Major Way!

Over-Simplified Typical Funnel is like this…

1. Spark Interest with a post and drive targeted audience to post on the page.

2. People visit the page and find value and are offered a free resource in exchange for their email address.

3. User is educated and introduced to the “offer” products, opportunity, etc.

Bots to collect leads and deliver content

Now, we are experimenting with replacing a typical lead capture form with a messenger bot interaction.

The initial results are amazing…


Check this out…

1. you connect your FB page to your manychat account and upgrade to “pro” for $10

2. you create a “flow” that interacts with each user.


Here's what happens...

Instead of a traditional opt-in form we have a button.

When users click that button they are taken into FB messenger.

1. We can deliver the “lead magnet”

2. We can interact with questions that help us segment our list (list segmentation is HUGE)

3. We can offer more resources for them to explore.

Behind the Scenes

1. Users are added to our Manychat subscriber list.

This is powerful because we can now “broadcast” to this messenger list with INSANE open rates when compared to an email list.

note: this was a pretty stale, old list and it’s still incredible

2. We still add the user’s email to our email autoresponder in the background. This requires the pro version.

Zapier Integration to Add Emails to Our Autoresponder

Setting up this connection was easy.

Now we have subscribers in both Manychat and Autoresponder

Live Example

You can see this bot in action live!

This is the bot we setup for our new course offering….

Imagine Using This to Build Your Organization

Are your wheels turning?

Let us know how you think this can help in your business.

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